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Teaching and Learning Approaches

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 Teaching and Learning Approaches: Lesson Objectives

After this section, participants should be able to meet the following objectives:



Guiding Questions

Before your read this section, consider the following questions:

  • What are the attributes of a peacemaker? Think of famous peacemakers (Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Mandela). What characteristics did they have that made them peacebuilders?
  • What are the attributes of a peace educators?



This section is designed to help teachers integrate peace education pedagogies into their classroom practices.  To help you in that process, we have provived a list of guiding attributes for a peace educator, followed by various pedagogical approaches, all of which can be categorized under the heading of experiential education.

This lesson contains the following sections:

  • Attributes of a Peace Educator
  • Experiential Education
    • Holistic Education
    • Participatory Education
    • Cooperative Learning

  These are all contained under the general theme of Teaching and Learning Approaches. However, we have we have separated them into separate sections so as to make it possible to use them as separate lessons. You can study as one lesson or as 5 separate lessons.




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