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TEFL Program - Analysis of current teaching practice

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Module 2: Questions on Current Practice – What Happens in your Classroom?




The aim of this unit is to look at the different parts of your English lessons and think about how happy you are with them.




Think About It


These questions ask about different aspects of what happens when you teach English. Please answer the questions as honestly as you can, and then say whether you’re happy with the way things are, or whether you think they could be better.






Could be better

1. On average, how many minutes does each student speak English in 1 hour of class?






2. On average, how many minutes do you speak English in 1 hour of class?






3. How much of the language spoken by you and the students in your English class is not English?






4. Do students talk and work together in your classes using English? If so, how often?






5. Do you plan your lessons? If yes, how much time do you spend on this?



6. If you don't plan, why not?






7. Do you know what bits of language (items of grammar, vocabulary, etc) your students should have learned by the end of each class?






8. Do you always use the course book? Do you like the course book?






9. Do your students do lots of different activities in your classes?






10. Do you check that all of your students have understood the language you want to teach? If so, how do you do this?






11. Can your students make their own sentences without help from you or the course book?






12. Can your students talk about their lives in English?






13. Do your students have fun in your classes? And do you?









These questions focus on some of the key ideas running through this training program. We would be amazed if you have not ticked 'could be better' for at least some of the questions.


Is there a perfect teacher out there? We doubt it. But there are certainly teachers who are more effective than others. This program is designed to make sure you are one of those teachers.


The program will help you to discover ways of working on those 'could be betters'. It will give you lots of practical ideas you can try with your students in the classroom. This course will also help you to make sure that English is being used by everybody, that you use lots of great activities, and that great learning is taking place at all times.


Have fun and good luck!









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Moeko Takagi said

at 2:58 pm on Aug 18, 2010

Question "Can your students make their own sentences without help from you or the course book?"
Which styles of communication are you asking for? Can a student make sentences in writing or seapking?

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