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Child-Friendly Spaces

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Child-Friendly Spaces:  A guide for teachers (and teacher trainers)

Introduction & Overview

•    Defining Child-friendly
•    Overview of the Curriculum

Training Guide - Introduction and Overview

Unit 1: The Teacher
•    Why do we teach?
•    The roles and responsibilities of teaching
•    Teacher well-being
•    Balancing work and life

Training Guide - Unit 1: The Teacher


Unit 2: The Child
•    The "stuff" the students bring with them
•    How we can support students – rethinking the relationship between student and teacher
•    Teaching strategies to support students
•    Teaching strategies to develop a supportive classroom environment
Training Guide - Unit 2: The Child

Unit 3:  Beyond the classroom
•    Involving parents and families (Beyond recognizing their impact on the student and involving them in the student’s learning)
•    Child-friendly schools (Beyond the classroom walls)
•    Child-friendly communities  (Beyond the school walls)

Training Guide - Unit 3: Beyond the Classroom

Unit 4:  Additional Resources

•    Conventions on the Rights of the Child (CRC)



The Training: Child-Friendly Schools





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