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Inclusive Education Research

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Inclusive Education on the Agenda presents some recent international trends in working towards inclusive education (1998). This paper was prepared for the World Bank Human Development Week.



UNICEF Examples of Inclusive Education in India



Enabling Education Network (EENET) http://www.eenet.org.uk/about.php

EENET is an inclusive education information-sharing network, open to everyone. Great resource of current research and case studies.



Social Analysis and Development: A Guidance Note. Incorporating Disability-Inclusive Development into Bank-Supported Projects. Document from the World Bank

A manual for all sectors that the Bank funds but


Miles, S. (2001). Enabling inclusive education: Challenges and dilemmas.

Gives great examples of inclusive settings in other countries and lessons learned from the professional development side.


Teaching Students with disabilities in inclusive settings. UNESCO Bangkok. (2009)




Guide for a one-day workshop for developing teacher skills in UDL by Cast. Some brainstorming activities, instruction on different activities teachers can do to allow access to the curriculum for all students as well as classroom examples.



The EU’s project in Africa to train teachers in inclusive education. The module is not on the website but the introduction and why this project is important might help with the introduction of this project.



Teachers’ desk reference from the state of Pennsylvania. Brief guide on how to include students with disabilities.



A great resource but must be purchased. Might be a good guide for the table of contents.


(Book) Friend, M and Bursick, W. (1996). Including Students with Special Needs: A Practical Guide for Classroom Teachers.


Jenkins, A., Yoshimura, J. Not Another Inservice! Meeting the Special Education Professional Development Needs of Elementary General Educators. TEACHING Exceptional Children, v42 n5 p36-43 May-Jun 2010.


Schumm, J., Vaughn, S. (1995) Meaningful professional development in accommodating students with disabilities: lessons learned. Remedial and Special Education November 1995 vol. 16 no. 6 344-353 doi: 10.1177/074193259501600604


(Journal Article) Russell, G., Lynn, F., Williams, J., Baker, S. (2000). Teaching reading comprehension strategies to students with learning disabilities: a review of research. Review of Educational Research. 2001 vol. 71 no. 2.


Elbaum, B., Vaughn, S., Hughes, M., Moody, S. (1999). Grouping Practices and Reading Outcomes for Students with Disabilities. Exceptional Children. vol. 65


Mercer, C. and Miller S. Teaching students with learning problems in math  to understand, acquire, and apply basic math facts. Remedial and Special education




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