Definitions - Activities

Definitions Activity

Time: 45 minutes

Preparation: Write approximately 6 definitions of peace education on large paper and post them around the room.


Step 1: Explain that there is no single correct or agreed-upon definition for peace education, and that there are many different definitions which depend upon scope and context.


Step 2: Invite the group to stand up and walk around the room to read the different definitions of peace education. They should return to the definition that resonates with them the most, or that they like the best.


Step 3: Once they have settled on a definition, discuss the definition with the other people who choose the same one, and why they chose it.


Step 4: Ask participants to return to their seats and silently reflect on their own definition of peace education, or what the term “peace education” means to them. Encourage them to write, draw, or express themselves as they like.


Step 5: In small groups (in our workshop, they were divided by subject areas) discuss your definitions.

Step 6: Allow the groups space to share what they discussed with the larger group (debriefing).