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TWB Peace Education Program

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Teachers Without Borders Dr. Joseph Hungwa Memorial Peace Education Program



Introduction by Dr. Konrad Glogowski



Introduction to the Program

Self-Study User Guide

Facilitator's Guide


Unit 1: History, Definitions, Key Thinkers, and Core Concepts

Unit 1: Introduction

     1. History of Peace Education

     2. Peace Education Definitions

     3. Key Thinkers

          3.1 John Dewey

          3.2 Maria Montessori

          3.3 Paulo Freire

     4. Core Concepts

          4.1 Negative and Positive Peace

          4.2 Peace Education as Transformative Practice

          4.3 Nonviolent Resistance

          4.4 Culture of Peace

Unit 1: Wrap-Up

Unit 1 Quiz


Unit 2: Scope of Peace Education

Unit 2: Introduction

     1. Education For Peace

     2. Critical Peace Education

     3. Disarmament Education

     4. Human Rights Education

     5. Global Citizenship Education

     6. Multicultural Education

     7. Gender and Peace Education

     8. Environmental Education

     9. Conflict Resolution Education

     10. Futures Education

Unit 2 Wrap-up

Unit 2 Quiz


Unit 3: Beyond Classroom Walls: Toward a Peaceful Classroom, School and Community

Unit 3: Introduction

     1. Peace Education As Pedagogy

          1.1 Attributes of a Peace Educator

          1.2 Effective Communication

          1.3 The Art of Asking Questions

     2. Teaching and Learning Approaches

     3. Beyond Classroom Walls: Building a Culture of Peace in Your School and Community

Unit 3 Wrap-up


Peace Lessons From Around the World



Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Convention on the Rights of the Child

Additional Peace Education Resources

Creative Arts Supplement



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