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3. Additional Peace Education Resources

Throughout this course we have provided Additional Resources relevant to each section which direct you to other organizations or materials that may be of interest and value to you. In this appendix we would like to highlight key resources and organizations that we feel are essential to peace education.


Curricula and Lesson Plans

The following programs were consulted in designing this program, and provide additional resources for teachers.


Learning to Abolish War: Teaching Towards a Culture of Peace

Developed by Betty A. Reardon and Alicia Cabezudo

Hague Appeal for Peace, 2002


Includes three books:
Book 1 – Rationale for Approaches to Peace Education

Book 2 – Sample Learning Units

Book 3 – Sustaining the Global Campaign for Peace Education – Tools for Participation


Inter-Agency Network of Emergency Education Peace Education Programme

Editorial coordination by Antonella Verdiani

Developed and endorsed by UNESCO, UNHCR, UNICEF and INEE


Includes manuals for teachers, teacher trainers, and community workshops. It also has an two Teacher Activities Books which contain extensive lesson plans.

Teaching Tolerance

Southern Poverty Law Center


Provides extensive lesson plans and teaching resources on themes related to peace education.

Teach for Peace


Extensive lesson plans and web resources for peace education

Peace Media Clearinghouse


Collection of key audio and visual resources and best practices related to conflict management. 


Peace Education Organizations


Global Campaign for Peace Education


Produces a monthly newsletter on peace education news and events.

International Institute on Peace Education


Annual event that brings peace educators from around the world together in a learning community.


Other Key Organizations

Alternatives to Violence Project International


Offer experiential training programs on handling conflict in creative ways.

Ojai Foundation


Offers experiential workshops on compassionate communication as a way of life.


Additional Professional Development Opportunities

Human Rights Education Associates


Offers online courses relating to human rights education

To subscribe to the Global HREA listserv, email scourchesne@hrea.org

University for Peace


Offers masters degrees relating to peace and conflict, including a Master of Arts in Peace Education, and also offers selected online classes

Transcend Peace University


Transcend, founded by renowned peace scholar Johan Galtung, is the world’s first online peace university, and offers a variety of online courses relating to peace.


Professional Networks


Teachers Without Borders Groups Site for Peace Education


TWB’s Group page for Peace Education, where members can dialogue, collaborate, and share resources.


Peace and Collaborative Development Network


Online network of over 16,000 peacebuilders which contains extensive resources relating to the peace and conflict field.


Peace By Peace


An online community which focuses on raising women’s voices and building a culture of peace.


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