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Wilmington College Peace Resource Center

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Organization name: Wilmington College Peace Resource Center


Web site: http://www.wilmington.edu/prc/


Where are they working? (country/region): Wilmington, Ohio, USA


What professional development programs related to peace education do they offer? (program names, content):


Teachers Peace Resources


Libraries: The center operates three libraries:

  • Peace Education/Conflict Resolution Library

  • Hiroshima/Nagasaki Library, which focuses on the atomic bombs of 1945

  • Japanese Library, which contains books in the Japanese language about the atomic bombs. Many of these books are only available to view at the center because of their historical value.


Books listed on the website are available through interlibrary loan. There is also an archive of documents and posters available.


Lesson Plans: Several peace-related lesson plans are available for elementary through high school. Teachers may also submit their own lesson plans to be included on the site.


Peace Calendar: A calendar of events created by the United Nations, governments, and organizations to celebrate peaceful relationships and human rights, and to protect our environment. Teachers are invited to submit photos and lesson plans if they organize events around these events. Links are listed to more information about each event.


Peace Quotes: A list of peace-related quotes divided according to age group and the themes of personal, relational, and global peace. Many of the quotes are written by students.


Kids Peace Corner: Cartoons and other interactive activities geared towards young students that teachers can use in lessons or or that students can explore by themselves.


Institute for Problem Solving


Programs for Students

The Institute includes two programs for students, including ProjectTRUST for Middle School Students and Peer Mediation Training. ProjectTRUST is a two-day retreat that seeks to “break down the barriers that exist between clique groups in school communities” by bringing members of different social groups together. Peer Mediation Training provides 24 hours of training to students and other leaders to develop middle and high school students to be peer mediator.

Positive Discipline Training for Classroom Teachers

According to the website, “Positive Discipline in the Classroom is a research-based classroom management program that empowers teachers with skills to build their students’ sense of community, prepare them for successful living, and increase academic achievement. Experiential learning methods give you skills to help students practice better cooperation, social skills, self-direction, responsibility, and mutual respect in the classroom. This type of problem solving approach has been shown to promote high academic achievement.”


What are their best practices? What can we learn from them?


Their website includes some very practical advice for educators, incorporating hands-on techniques and projects, particularly at the elementary level. While they do not have an extensive set of lesson plans, the resources such as quotes, events, and Peace Corner website are tools that teachers can use to create their own activities and plans.


The Positive Discipline training is also a practical tool for educators that introduces them not just to the theory of positive discipline, but gives them an opportunity to discover the effects of different types of communication and classroom management. Testimonials on the website from participants praise the workshop for its applicability to all grade levels and its power to change teachers’ perspectives on how they talk with their students and handle their classrooms. .


Do they charge for their services? If so, how much?


Fees for the positive discipline training vary depending on the size of the group, but are generally around $75 per person. The registration form for upcoming workshops lists the fee as $99.

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