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Lesson 3

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Lesson 3: Who are we and what do we care about?


To create deeper discussions amongst students and to establish the core values they share. These values later

serve as the content for photographing abstract concepts, as well as fostering collaborative groups.


Have white board space or large paper available, as well as markers for writing.

Access to a computer with internet either for projecting the Bridges site or for individual student access.



Have students begin with a personal brainstorm about what they think is important to them.

Have students share their lists in groups of 2 or 3. Instruct students to then make one list of what they

believe are the top 10 things that are important to them, and add a star to the top five they think their

peers should know about.

Now combine groups, so there are 4-6 in each. Have them compile yet another list just like the one

above. Write the five starred items from each group on the board or large paper.

Hold a class discussion; prompts can include:

1. Is there a difference between what is important to you personally and what is important to your

classmates? What do you think is important to share in the forum?

2. What do these things say about our culture?

3. How can we represent these ideas visually (what should we show in our postings?)

Begin a conversation about what images of your environment you can collect that show who you are as a

group – your classroom, your school, your neighborhood. Have a student write down the ideas. This is

your first Shot List.

Compose and post messages in the online discussion forum using this rubric. Remember to respond to at

least two other messages. 

Sample Shot List:

Idea Location Shots Details

What is the value you

want to represent?

Where will you go to


What will you take a

picture of?

What do you want to be

sure to capture?

Ex: friendship Ex: park Ex: kids with dogs Ex: Close up of dog!s




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